Canberra 70

Now Finally Available!

Update September 2020 - finally after the summer of lockdown we are now ready with the first batch of Canberra 70 kits for customers.  Thanks for bearing with us, it has been a significant undertaking producing a kit of this impressive aircraft with many more parts than our 50mm EDF Canberra thanks to the removable wings, retracts and built up tailplane.    Please contact us to to secure your order.

Canberra 70 originally started life as a straightforward scale -up of our Canberra 50 design (which in turn was a scaled-up version of our Canberra 40 for small EDF).   The major modification was to add removable wings and retracts. The battery hatch moved from the bottom to the top of the fuselage to allow nose gear to be fitted but also to provide more access for large 6S batteries.  We have also taken the opportunity to add fully built-up scale fin and tailplane with scale symmetrical airfoiul section which at this larger size greatly adds to the appearance. 

The kit is designed for the builder who wants a unique and personal model and uses jig assembly and accurate laser cut parts to guarantee perfect alignment and  quick build time, allowing the builder to concentrate more on the finishing and painting stages.

The model has a scale outline and accurately reproduces the cylindrical fuselage and symmetrical wing section of the full size.  The wing is mid-mounted at a 2 degree angle to the fuselage, and the engine pods are aligned to give 3 degrees downthrust as per the full size.  These characteristics are important to preserve the look of the full size, but these can present challenges in building an accurate warp-free structure.   Like our smaller designs, Canberra 70 is built on a jig using carbon tubes running the length of the fuselage to ensure a perfectly aligned and very strong and light structure.  

Canberra 70 builds into a very impressive model which can make use of the great power now available from 70mm 6S EDF units , matched with a clean aerodynamic configuration and low wing loading to provide great flying performance.


This is a Part Kit, which provides the major and time-consuming components needed to build a scale R/C EDF jet.  It contains laser cut ply wood and balsa wood parts (19 sheets of laser cut parts), vac forms, structural carbon tube and rod, full size plans and comprehensive building instructions.




Canberra 70 Dimensions







Wing Area

5943 cm 2

921 sq in / 6.4 sq ft

Dry Weight (no battery)


106.3 oz.

Battery 6S 5000mAh


24.4 oz.

All up weight


129 oz / 8.07 lb

Wing loading

61.6 g / dm 2

20.2 oz per sq ft







Laser Cut Parts

Comprehensive Laser cut balsa and ply components pack

  • 19 separate sheets in total of parts in Liteply, balsa and birch ply
  • Fully built up tail and fin
  • Includes jigs for fuselage, fin, tail and wing assembly

Structural Tube and Rod

Carbon Tube

  • Main fuselage tube    2 off   8mm dia 1000mm length
  • Tail cone                    2 off   5mm dia x 620mm length
  • Rudder axle               1 off   5mm dia x 93mm length
  • Rudder bearing          1 off   6mm ali tube x 23mm
  • Elevator                     2 off   5mm dia x 76mm

Carbon Rod

  • Elevator torque rod    2 off   2mm dia x 20mm
  • Wing Rod                   4 off   4mm dia x 105mm

Wing Join Tube

  • Aluminium tube
  • Phenolic sleeve

Vac Forms

  • Vac form B2 bubble canopy
  • Vac form nose cone

Plans and Instructions

Detailed plans spread over three full size sheets

  • 3 off  sheets 91 x 200cm
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet with full build details and images
Price  £272 + £7.50 P&P (UK Mainland). email for delivery timescale and international postage details


This is a Part Kit, which provides the major and time-consuming components needed to build a scale R/C EDF jet.   

To finish it you will need to provide materials including:

  • Sheet and strip balsa for planking and skinning
    • 1.5mm balsa for sheeting (12-14 sheets 36” x 4”)
    • 2.5mm balsa for planking (approx 7 sheets  36” x 4”)
  • 1/64 ply for wheel well covers
  • Art card for ducting
  • 6mm and 10mm balsa stock for leading and trailing edges
  • Common hardware items
    • Control hinges,
    • Wing bolts and nuts
    • hatch latch
  • Glues, covering and finishing materials
  • 70mm EDF units and speed controllers
  • R/C gear
  • Retracts 




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