November 2020 Update

Back in March we announced Canberra 70 was about to got into production... not quite realising what was about to happen.  Now we are moving out of lockdown (again) we have the first batch of Canberra 70 kits shipping.  Currently we have Canberra 50 (bomber and fighter canopies) and Canberra 70 in stock and a new batch of Lightning 50s ready to go.   And a few more projects cooking!


Best wishes to all our customers


Welcome to English Electric Models, designers of RC models of classic jets. 

Starting with our Canberra Electric Ducted Fan models, we are bringing an expanding range of kits and plans to the market to support hobbyists who want the satisfaction of building their own model together with proven flight performance.

We love the classic jets, especially from the 50s and 60s, and are working to bring as many to the skies as possible.

Our kits are Part Kits, which provide which provides the major and time-consuming components needed to build a scale R/C EDF jet, including laser and CNC cut balsa and ply components, vac form canopies and carbon tube.   The builder provides sheet balsa for wing and fuselage skinning and glues and finishing materials of choice.

You supply RC gear and motors and fans of choice. For those starting out in EDF, the choice of equipment can be bewildering so we provide guidance on fan/battery/motor combinations that are flight proven and well matched to the model

Innovative design and construction methods guarantee accurate assembly.  Comprehensive plans and instruction notes guide you at every step of the build.  All our designs are well tested and have excellent flight performance.


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Canberra 50

Lightning 50

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