Canberra 50

Compact single piece twin jet 

Great performer for the popular 50mm EDF fan size

Canberra 50 is a near scale model of the famous Canberra jet bomber for Electric Ducted Fan propulsion and 4-channel RC.  Our model is of the Canberra B(I)8, a dedicated low level attack and nuclear strike variant that served in RAF Germany from 1956 to 1972.

The outline of the model is scale, the only real deviations from scale being the use of flat sheet tail sections to speed building and the engine pods, which have a slightly over scale diameter to allow a smaller model to be built around the 50mm fan units. This optimises thrust-to-weight ratio and ensures the model has plenty of power for a true jet-like performance.

Construction makes use of carbon rods which align the fuselage structure and provide great strength as well as guaranteeing an accurate assembly.

This is a Part Kit, which provides the major and time-consuming components needed to build a scale R/C EDF jet.   It contains laser cut ply and balsa parts including:

  •          Fuselage formers
  •          Wing ribs and wing spars
  •          Tail components
  •          Assembly jigs
  •          Fan mounting rings
  •          Vacuum formed canopy, either the classic "bomber" bubble or as per our prototype the off-set "fighter" canopy, as well as the nose glazing
  •          Carbon tubes and rods
  •          Plans
  •          Instructions
  •  To finish it you will need to provide materials including:

  •          Sheet and strip balsa for planking and skinning
  •          Glues, covering and finishing materials
  •          50mm EDF units and speed controllers
  •          RC Gear

    A0 plans (4 sheets) and comprehensive instructions are included to guide you at every stage of the build.  





Canberra 50 Specs          Metric          Imperial
Span 110.5cm 43.5"
Length 113.5cm 44.7"
Area 2863cm2 444 sq in.
Flying Weight (No Battery) 1050g 37.5 oz.
Battery 4S 2600mAH 288g 10.3 oz.
All up weight 1338 47.8 oz.
Wing loading 46.7g / dm2 15.5 oz. per sq ft
Equipment - Used on Prototype
Fan Unit Lander50mm Edf 10 Blade 3300kv 4s
Speed controller RobotBirds Pro-30A V4 Esc x2
Battery Hyperion G3 VX-35C 2600mAh 4Cell LiPo
Reciever (Rx) Spectrum DSX AR5210 with remote
Rudder Servo Hitec 55
Aileron Servos Hitec 55 x2
Elevator Servo Hitec 55

Canberra 50 is available to buy as a plan or a kit, or we can send spare parts/components of the kit.To purchase email us at


 Item                         Description                                              Price Per Item
Laser Parts

Laser and CNC cut balsa and ply wood 

components pack

Vac Form Vacuum formed nose and canopy glazing £8.00
Plans Detailed plans spread over four A0 sheets  £22.00

Comprehensive instruction booklet with

full build detals and images

Carbon Tube and Rod

Carbon tube

 - 2 off 5mm diameter x 795mm length

 - 1 off 5mm diameter x 400mm length

Carbon rod (elevator torque rods)

 - 2 off 3mm diameter x 50mm length

 - 2 off 1mm diameter x 10mm length

Total All items above bought separately £137.00
Part Kit Price Part kit contains all above items £124.00
Kit Postage Anywhere within the UK £13.00
Postage and Part Kit Complete total price £137.00


Customer Builds: Rob Bloor

Customer Builds: Mike Pirie 

Customer Builds: Ken Hulme

Customer Builds: Martyn Bowles

Customer Builds: Roger Thornber 

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