Canberra 40

Canberra 40 was our first Canberra to fly and one of our first scale EDFs.   Canberra 40 is designed around 40mm EDF units and has a span of 35” / 89cm.  The prototype has notched up 200+flights over the past few years and is such fun and so easy to get to the field or take on trips in the back of the car that we can’t get round to retiring it.   Electric reliability combined with great handling are a recipe for a long lived model!

Structure is a combination of liteply formers, thin ply wing spars and balsa sheeting.  Canberra 40 uses the same jig built assembly process and carbon tube reinforcement in the fuselage as Canberra 50, which assures an accurate build and great strength in a lightweight structure. The Canberra has a large wing area for a compact model which allows for easy hand launches and close-in aerobatics.  The classic Canberra combination of clean airframe, low wing loading gives a wide speed range and forgiving handling.

Propulsion comes from GWS 40mm EDF units, with 12mm brushless motors (Feigao 5300kV) and a 1300mAh 3s battery.  This provides plenty of push and in still air the Canberra will climb on half power.    


Canberra 40 will be available as a plan shortly (we are just tidying up the original drawings), which will be supplied with comprehensive building instructions in a stout cardboard tube.




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